Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: Are you going to pull my credit?

A: Yes, we have to check the credit of everyone who applies for a loan.

Q: What if my credit report is terrible?

A: You can still qualify for a loan even with substantially bad credit, including recent bankruptcies as long as they have been discharged.

Q: I have heard that some lenders require a cosigner. Is this true?

A: It might be true of other lenders, but that is not part of our business practices.

Q: What's the most you'll ever approve me for?

A: $700 or 30% of gross monthly income, although realistically you won't get that on your first loan with us.

Q: Tell me your interest rates. I have heard they are high.

A: 15% on the first $500; 10% for the remaining portion of the loan in excess of $500 up to the $700 maximum, which is quite normal.

Q: If I default are there other fees?

A: Yes, for every dishonored payment we will charge you a $25 NSF fee.

Q: When are you open?

A: From 8 until 8.

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